Safety Information

Circuit Breaker

We pride ourselves on safety! This is why our electrical equipment is second to none. All our castles are supplied with a mains box, incorporating a regulated current operated circuit breaker to protect against electrocution.

Along with the above we also provide quality safety mats as standard. These are industry standard and really will break a fall if needed. So rest assured that we do our up most to help protect everyone on every hire!

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Cables & Connectors
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Along with the above circuit breakers, all our units are supplied with weather proof cables and connectors. This gives peace of mind in that when it rains the there is no risk involved to the customers. You can choose to leave the castle on or off when it rains, however, we do suggest that in heavy rain to turn the castle off at the mains socket as bouncing can become dangerous in the wet.

If you have any questions regarding our equipment then please get in contact with us.


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All our castles are made in the UK, all have quality art work and are made to HSE standard. We only supply clean, dry and immaculate castles to your door. If you are unhappy in anyway then please let us know on the day!

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